“The book is bigger on the inside than the outside…”

“This is a book that will be well worth your time and investment! Pages of wisdom written by an individual you can easily detect has a heart for God. There are several areas of growth in our walks with God that he writes about. He approaches his writing from an angle that is easy to apply to your life. I have already read a chapter twice and drew even more the second time through. Definitely worth spending your time to draw closer to God by reading this book” All4God
“Steve Warner knows how to engage your mind & heart with his reflections on God’s Word. These writings cause me to come away with more knowledge about God, myself & others which ultimately brings joy to my soul!I believe each writing could be incorporated into a weekly Bible Study for the individual, groups or families. These writings make you think. They challenge. They encourage. They comfort.” Ruth Brather-Beaudoin

“Thanks Steve for writing this book. It blesses my heart each time I read it!” Nancy Weese


“This book is definitely worth reading. I love Steve’s perspective on life and how God see’s it. He has definitely inspired me to re-evaluate things in my life and search the deepest depths of my heart. Love the great personal experience stories as well. Thanks Steve for your great insight to scripture and God’s love!” T. Sitton
“’Milestones’ is one of the best inspirational books I have ever read. Mr. Warner uses his vast knowledge to inspire us on the road of everyday life and how Christ fits in. I will use this book as a tool in my everyday life to refer to for guidance. Thanks to Mr. Warner for sharing with us and I hope to see more of his works in the future!” connientexas
“Steve ,   Your new book has certainly helped us focus on Jesus more than Joe’s handicap.   Thank you for sharing so much spiritual food for thought.   Congratulations and Blessings,” Mary and Joseph

“My Grandmother…bought me your book ‘Milestones’ that I’ve been reading. I’ve struggled with drugs (opiates/heroine) for awhile and I’ve been clean for months, but my relationships with people (including family members) have been tough to maintain. Just (writing) to let you know how much your book has helped me look at things in a different perspective.” P.M.

“MILESTONES On the Road Home by Steve Warner, gives us a series of devotions which focus on various aspects of life. One devotion may begin with a bit of sadness. Another one makes us smile. Still another causes us to look into our hearts. All are short. I find them perfect to read and think about–one day at a time. Steve ends every devotion with a verse of scripture relating to the thoughts he offers, three or four reflections, a prayer and a Milestone. The Milestone tells me to take to heart any changes I need to make and then to move on” Elizabeth VanLiere, Author of  “Dare to Live”
 “(Steve), your writings are so beautiful and so true.” Enola Stamsek
“Steve I love your book and can’t put it down.  It sure seems like you had me in mind on every page ….  God Bless you and family.” Larry Braden

“Powerful read…I’ve passed this book on to my daughter.” Teresa Monteil Turner
“I am thrilled to have your book ‘Milestones.’ My friend…gave it to me as a gift. Thank you for putting your thoughts into this beautiful book…I am grateful…My husband recently passed…I have been praying for God to let me know: Who am I? What do I do now? Where do I fit in this life? (Milestones) confirms, drives stillness, silence, waiting, believing into my heart. Each one of your writings speaks to me. Thank you for sharing.” D
“My husband and I have fully enjoyed reading this book. It is a wonderful devotional and daily living book. In fact we have purchased several for friends and family. Steve is a wonderful man of God.” Patty

“Definitely a good read and study.” Shana Jensen
“‘Milestones’ was a recent gift to me. I want to thank you for the positive and encouraging words. The book is bigger on the inside than the outside…” Russ Massey
“Very special writings. This book touches and guides a person in need of spiritual healing. Thanks Steve!” C. Puente
“Your ‘Milestones” understandable, common sense, humble approach to life challenges is so refreshing. You have paved the way for us to implement sound advice to make molehills out of mountains, by telling those mountains how big our God is…Thank you, Steve” S. Rose
“I have an acquaintance who is leaving for a 8-10 year mission. He is interested in ‘Milestones: On the Road Home’ for his family as well as other missionaries. I have a few business friends I would like to share it with too…” D. Roberts

3 Responses to Testimonials

  1. Larry Braden says:

    Wow, Steve guess I can say I knew you ” back when “. Seriously, Your book seemed like every word was written for me. I love it, thank you for everything my friend.

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