Steve Warner

Springing from Midwestern blue-collar roots, Steve Warner is a licensed professional counselor with more than 25 years of experience helping people find intimacy with God and others.  He is an internationally read blogger and article writer and holds master’s degrees in counseling and  biblical studies, and a doctorate in biblical counseling. His alma maters include Dallas Theological Seminary. In addition to his private practice, he works as a professional counselor at a large local church. Steve has been happily married to Mary since 1980. They now reside in western Colorado, where they serve together on a worship arts team. Steve’s interests also include fiddling, photography, social media and fly fishing.


8 Responses to Steve Warner

  1. Linda Cagnetti says:

    Look forward to reading your book, Steve.

  2. Ginny says:

    This is exciting–happy for you!!!

  3. Timothy Bratcher says:

    We are truly glad for ya Steve,,,, Will buy a hard copy as soon as I can… Love ya my Brother in Christ and Cousin….

  4. Great-gran'ma Betty says:

    Your book arrived today and I read enough already to know I can hardly wait to read the rest. I’m sure it’ll throw extra light my “road home.” Betty

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