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View from Above

May’s trip to Laguna was the third time I have been there. Before this trip, I would have told you with a clear conscience that I knew what Laguna looks like. The first two times, I drove downtown and walked … Continue reading

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Press On

On our recent trip to Cali, we passed through parts of 5 states. We saw many types of scenery each day…many variations on the desert theme, mountain landscapes, palms, pinions, dramatic rock formations, even Las Vegas rising like a gaudy … Continue reading

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Knowing Joy

I have become acquainted with a great many leaders and teachers over the decades. Seeing them from a distance, most seem admirable, projecting just the right balance of humility, giftedness and strength. Coming to know them on a more intimate level, their human … Continue reading

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Joy Beyond Me

I have a fantasy of hosting a broad jumping contest. I would invite everyone in the world. Details, including the prize, would be revealed the day of the event. There would be announcements on TV, on the Internet and in … Continue reading

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